If you’re a fan of both golf and Star Wars, this post might be more frustrating than realizing they are re-releasing The Phantom Menace and keeping Jar Jar Binks.

According to Jason Geyer at Action Figure Insider, a Star Wars themed golf bag and golf set was one of the promotional merchandise concepts considered, and ultimately rejected for Episode I. And Jason should know too, we wactually part of a team making promotional merchandise for the movie.

It’s hard to get excited from the concept, but I don’t know what’s more surprising; the fact that someone came up with the idea, or the fact it was shot down.

Source:Star Wars Golf Bag and Golf Set

You can read more about it here.

Then again, some of the Callaway Razr bags look like they were inspired by R2-D2.

Fortunately for golfers and Star Wars fans, if officially licensed gear is the only way to go, you have plenty of options available. Our favorites include these bags from Japan:

Source: http://www.actionfigureinsider.com/ottertorials/2012/02/26/rejected-star-wars-strikes-back/, and http://www.geekalerts.com/star-wars-golf-bags/


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